some parts of the Internet

How does Internet work? In fact, it can be roughly seen as a computer, communicating with others through a special language. This is a very simple way to understand the Internet. But this method is not recognized by the industry. So how does the Internet work?

First we need to know what the server is? A server can be roughly understood as a computer. But its performance is much better than a computer. It can provide services for Internet users. Web documents are provided to us through it. Such as Baidu cloud for download speed has a very high requirement of the site, they need metadata servers. The technology of the metadata server can be roughly seen as cutting a file into countless pieces. Then store these fragments in different servers.

Except for the metadata server, CDN can also provide services for website speed. This technology can be roughly seen as another server caching web files. This server can provide web files to users very quickly. CDN, in addition to technology can increase Internet speed, also provide services for website security. It can hide the IP address of the website server. This can be relatively large, to avoid hacker attacks.

It’s not enough for a couple to provide documents. The base station also plays a very important role in the Internet. They’re like neurons, passing information on. They are the basis of mobile Internet to spread information.In addition, browsers are part of the Internet. Browsers use hypertext protocol, the world wide web and other standards to interpret web information. At present, TCP/IP is widely used in the Internet.


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